NBR is an independent, pioneering company, with one clear mission: to push the boundaries of storytelling in all visual arts – from photography, to film and series.

Established by Pierre Winther – visionary world-builder and creator – NBR and its mastermind are now ready to take a big step forward.

After decades at the pinnacle of photographic art, connecting iconic brands to millions of customers, his art displayed in fine art museums and exhibitions all over the world, Pierre is now ready to push his keen eye and creative instinct to the next level. Having been made famous by the incredibly powerful, real and raw stories he was able to tell the world through his amazing photographs, he is continuing his creative journey, taking the challenging, though also the most natural and organic step forward: telling powerful, real and raw stories through moving pictures.

His vision is clear: to tell bold, raw, compelling stories – regardless if through a feature film, a documentary or a long-running series – embracing creative risks and staying true to one guiding principle: Nothing Beats Reality.

The team surrounding him is passionate, driven to innovate and fully commited to pushing creative boundaries. Their expertise is reaching far and wide, from gaming to merchandise, creation to production.

NBR aims to inspire, challenge, and captivate audiences worldwide, uniting them into a vibrant community, and leaving a lasting impact on everyone exposed to its creations.


Contact: x@nothingbeatsreality.com